How To Wear

Before We Start, Don't Have Powder, Oil or Moisturizer On Your Skin. 

Ready For Bradazzle? Follow These Easy Steps

  1. Remove plastic over the bra adhesive (sticky part). Do Not Discard as it will be re-used to cover the adhesive when not in use.

  2. Loosen the pull-string all the way. Line up your nipple with the circular section with no adhesive (non-sticky part). Stick to skin one cup at a time, ensure that both cups are even.

  3. Hold the clasp and pull up to tighten the strap. Isn't it a nice lift? If needed, you may readjust the cups for better coverage. Don't you look awesome with that cleavage?

How To Wash:

  1. Hand wash with warm water and soap ONLY. Do not put in washing machine and/or dryer Do not use bleach.

  2. Rinse and leave to air dry. Do not try to wipe it dry as it will remove the stickiness. Do not iron the bra.

  3. Stick the plastic cover back over the adhesive (sticky part).